What is Malama Honua and Why is it Important to Us?

What is Mālama Honua?

Mālama Honua is simply translated as “to care for our Island Earth”, but the Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. Mālama Honua means to take care of and protect everything that makes up our world: land, oceans, living beings, our cultures, and our communities.

Learn about Hokule’a and the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage

The main story

In 2017, the Polynesian voyaging canoes Hokule’a and Hikianalia wrapped up a worldwide voyage using ancient voyaging techniques with no modern technologies.  They sailed for 2 years to spread the word of Mālama Honua to the world by sharing and learning from other indigenous cultures how they take care of island earth.

Learn More About Mālama Honua

Being proud of our Polynesian heritage and what it means to be from the islands, the owners of Hapa Hawaiian Grill are implementing several sustainable practices into it’s restaurant to do our part of Mālama Honua right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  You can take the boy from the islands, but not the islands from the boy. The island stays in your heart and we’ll never forget where we’re from. Enjoy music by Justin

Practicing Sustainability

To do our part in taking care of our island earth, Hapa Hawaiian Grill sources local meats and produce, utilizes energy efficient lighting, water conserving tools and recycling some equipment, keeping them out of landfills.  We also implement recycling receptacles for guest to do their part.  Eventually our long-term goals include buying a local farm to raise and grow our own food to become a direct farm to table restaurant.

Fish from the Islands

Since their is no ocean in Pittsburgh, the fish for the restaurant will come from the freshest sources, some even from the islands flown in to get it to market faster and fresher that what you will find in the Strip District.

Watch and learn as the recap of the worldwide voyage takes you around the world to learn from our ancestors and modern day voyagers who are determined to learn and do what must be done to protect our island earth. Mahalo 🙂

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