Hawaiian Culture 101

Hawaiian Culture 101

Word of the Day: POKE
pronounced POH-keh

Poke is a flavorful dish made of cubed raw fish, mainly ahi tuna and served with a Hawaiian soy sauce and topped with green onions, chili pepper, and sometimes includes Hawaiian limu (seaweed).

A huge favorite of locals in Hawaii, poke has become a mainstream dish that you can find on menus across the country.  Poke bowls are very popular in most states and it’s important to note that most poke dishes you find is not the authentic Hawaiian style of poke, but a westernized type of poke where they add other toppings like avocado, oranges, other vegies, etc.

The best and most authentic Hawaiian style poke is what you will find at Hapa Hawaiian Grill as we stay true to our roots and not mess with what is already an amazing dish.  So come in and enjoy some Hawaiian style poke next time you are in the area.

Mahalo 🙂
The Hapa Hawaiian Grill Ohana

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