ha•pa (hä’pä) adj. 1. Slang – of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry.

In Hawaii, the word Hapa means “half” or “mixed-race” as the definition describes.  The owners of Hapa Hawaiian Grill are both considered Hapa by definition and their children are also Hapa.  In many respects, the world today is made up of people who are of mixed-race of many ethnicities.  Part of the mission of Hapa Hawaiian Grill is to bring people of all races and cultures together as one Ohana, one family, sharing amazing food from the islands.

Our chef has been an integral part of the growth of the Pacific rim cuisine and helped to put these dishes on the map long before it became mainstream in Hawaii and now expanding across the globe.  The name Hapa was chosen with intention as the owners wanted to leave the door open for the chef to explore the other flavors of Polynesian specialty dishes that guests may not be able to find anywhere else in one restaurant.  Tropical and flavorful blends of the modern Hawaiian cuisine like ahi tuna poke and loco moco, mixed with the traditional Hawaiian foods like lomi salmon, lau lau and kalua pig gives our guests the best of both worlds in a true sampling of Hawaiian style cuisine.